MiZ Company Ltd. in Japan owns a variety of patents related to the applications of molecular hydrogen in the healthcare field. MiZ Inc., has been granted exclusive license rights to these patents in the United States. Here are some of the unique patents that MiZ has accumulated over the past 30 years (For the latest information, please contact us.):

Hard (inventions related to means of administration of hydrogen molecule to the body)

Registered patents:

  • Maintenance of hydrogen gas concentration at a safe level throughout the process from generation to inhalation (JP: patent Nos. 5091364 and 5100911, US: patent No. 9717877)
  • Calculation of hydrogen gas concentration from electrical quantity and total air flow and its display (JP: patent No. 5900688, US: patent No. 10435798) 

Soft (inventions related to the effect of hydrogen molecule on diseases)

Registered patents (Japan):

  1. Prevention and suppression of cancer metastasis (Patent No. JP6781485, App. No. US16/568004)
  2. Improvement of QOL in terminal cancer patients (Patent No. JP6800492, App. No. US456085)
  3. Suppression of cognitive dysfunction (Patent No. JP6762620, App. No. US16/301301)
  4. Improvement of depression (Patent No. JP6739846, App. No. US16/556789)
  5. Improvement of intestinal flora (Patent No. JP6601851, App. No. US16/085085)
  6. Improvement of obstructive airway disease (Patent No. JP6628449)
  7. PTSD (Patent No. JP6736068, App. 16/644432)
  8. Suppression of ischemia-reperfusion injury during organ transplantation (Patent No. JP6489535, App. No. US15/950383)
  9. Improvement of bacterial translocation (Patent No. 6796290, App. No. US16/085085)

To be registered:

  1. Improvement of ulcerative colitis (App. No. JP2020-019226, App. US filed at Jan. 2021.)
  2. Chronic kidney disease (App. No. JP2019-057964)
  3. Pneumonia (App. No. JP2020-046965, App. App. US in preparation)
  4. Parkinson’s disease (App. No. JP2018-216264, App. US16/556789)
  5. Protective agent for radiation injury (App. No. JP2020-559516, App. No. US16/465567)

Under examination:

  1. Improvement of cardiovascular metabolic risk (App. No. JP2018-149620)
  2. Protective agent for blast-induced traumatic brain injury (App. No. JP2017-176425, App. 16/644432)
  3. Improvement of the sequelae of spinal cord injury (App. No. JP2019-108027, App. No. US16/896843)
  4. Intracellular signaling control (App. No. JP2020-056838, App. US in preparation)
  5. Improvement of the adverse effects of medications and medical procedures (App. No. JP 2020-136852, App. No. US in preparation)
  6. Improvement of chronic inflammation (App. No. JP 2020-169432, App. No. US in preparation)
  7. Early recovery from surgical invasion (App. No. JP, App 2020-004154. No. US17/147692)
  8. Improvement of age-related macular degeneration (App. No. JP, App. No. US16/428324)
  9. Improvement of post-stroke pain (App. No. JP2019-057964, App. No. US16/849057)
  10. Improvement of encephalitis and meningitis (App. No. JP 2020-070639, App. No. US in preparation)
  11. Improvement of genetic diseases (App. No. JP 2020-055070, App. US in preparation)
  12. Improvement of schizophrenia (App. No. JP2018-139570, App. No. US filed at Dec. 2020)
  13. Improvement of lung functions in lung cancer patients (App. No. JP2020-220011, App. US in preparation)